Finetza launch by Gambhir at AutoExpo 2018

  • Arjuna award winner and a renowned cricketer, Gautam Gambhir unveiled PSV’s bespoke range
  • Finetza is India’s first and best-in-class expandable Motorhome and the ultimate definition of luxury with finesse and style – miles above the ordinary
  • The company also launched Opisia (modified executive business van), Magnifica (customised tourer), and Exhibica (modified product display van) at the expo

The ‘van life’ movement has been gaining momentum for years and its time to inspire the travel enthusiasts to get out there and live the life with a variety of intriguing caravanning options. Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles (PSV), a division of Pinnacle Industries Limited unveiled ‘Finetza’, a customised luxury expandable motorhome today at the 2018 Auto Expo. The compelling Motorhome is targeted for those looking to go bigger, farther and miles above the ordinary- without losing homestyle comfort and luxury. The smart, slick and swanky motorhome is an epitome of luxury-on-wheels and a revolutionary introduction aimed to redefine the country’s on-road travel experience.

The brand also introduced the ‘Opisia’ Series – a customised office-on-wheels, the ‘Magnifica’ Series – a modified tourer and the ‘Exhibica’ Series – a custom product display van. The unveiling was done at the hands of an acclaimed cricketer, Gautam Gambhir who is also the brand ambassador for the brand. Gautam Gambhir exemplifies excellence in his field and also represents the brand values of PSV in terms of unique style, elegance, versatility and the promise of delivering the best. PSV’s association with him also extend to Gautam Gambhir Foundation and will collaborate with Gautam to customise vans for his community kitchen and various food drive initiatives.

According to an industry report, the global market for Recreational Vehicles is forecast to reach 770.5 thousand by 2022, driven by the growing preference for adventure and luxury travel among the urban population. With rising business and leisure travellers in India and Government’s impetus on reviving domestic tourism, PSV’s range of luxury travel options is precisely the need of the hour. The technology is already making its way onto our roads, and amalgamating this with innovative design intelligence and company’s domain expertise makes their vehicle range the new alternative for commuting. Customers today view vehicles as an extension of their own personalities and are keen to customise their machines to stand out from the clutter. PSV believes in customising the vehicles in accordance with the customer’s needs and expectations and turn it into an innovative icon which offers functional benefits and carries aesthetic values at the same time.

This home on wheels, Finetza, will become the ride of choice for wanderlust’s, celebrities, business executives, and anyone looking for something a little above the average SUV’s, Sedans or regular vans.  Based on Force Traveller class leading 4020mm wheelbase, Finetza features a BS-IV common rail engine, a monocoque body and air suspension that ensures total safety and enhanced ride quality. Road tripping is taking off in a big way in India, and travel enthusiasts are now looking at motorhomes/recreational vehicles as a viable option of exploring India on wheels, with family and work in tow.

The price for this ultimate luxury motorhome? The company revealed that the Motorhome customisation will approximately range in between 15-25 Lakhs (only Motorhome) and 50 Lakh+ for expandable Motorhome. However, the costs are subject to customer’s requirements and kind of features they want in the vehicles.

Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles (PSV), a division of Pinnacle Industries Limited has set up India’s largest and most technologically advanced vehicle conversion facility with advanced production to modify up to 500 vehicles per month at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh and the corporate office and engineering centre in Pune. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, design studio, modern production and top automotive designers and engineers; PSV customises every detail of a vehicle with finesse and delivers the level of perfection and quality expected from Pinnacle. PSV’s dynamic & sophisticated designs, exceptional engineering and unrivalled craftsmanship guarantees customers a unique & unforgettable experience.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director, Pinnacle Industries Ltd., highlighted, “We are excited to showcase our new launch, Finetza which is crafted to make road travel a comfortable, luxurious, and memorable experience. Internationally, customisation of vehicles is a specialised activity which is done by converters using the base vehicles of OEMs. PSV is filling this gap of producing customised variants in small to mid-sized volumes for specific customer requirements. In India, the trend of customising super luxury automobiles has been in existence, but it is becoming increasingly common now.

Being the industry leader in vehicle seating and interiors, we understand the importance and need for organised, credible and safe vehicle conversions and customisation facilities in India. There is immense unexplored market potential and sheer versatility of this industry gives us an opportunity to grow substantially.

Finetza – Key features

From washrooms to a comfortable bed on which you can call it a day,  Finetza has it all and is quite literally your home on the road. Making use of the interior space to the maximum, it boasts of an ergonomically designed lounge with novel styling. It is equipped with a lavish lounge with recliners, motorised convertible bed, full pantry with refrigerator, hot plate, gourmet coffee machine, an onboard washroom with sink, and an electromagnetic pump operated WC. The rear of the vehicle is expandable to up to 1.5 metres and has a private cabin with a sofa, which once expanded, converts into a full-size bedroom along with an enthralling sunroof to give travellers a differentiated experience. This behemoth of a machine is not just any luxury vehicle but an opulent home on wheels which takes luxury caravanning to whole new level.

The adjustable ambient lighting and smart infotainment unit with curved LED TV and music system ensure that the travellers do not miss out on the entertainment quotient. The interior is elegantly replete with the finest upholstery decked out in the combinations of contrasting satin-white, warm beige and coffee brown. The luxurious motorhome can be seamlessly converted into an office, guest house, entertainment place or a home away from home. Expansion of the motorhome, lighting, and seats can be controlled by a tablet or mobile devices. With multiple charging ports for all types of devices, it also features 220v external power connection to have everything from A/C and lights to power ports, and A/V system on when parked.

Key Vehicle Specifications

Specifications Finetza Magnifica Opisia Exhibica
Length 8447mm (expandable) 6857 mm (closed) 6065 mm 5415 mm 6770 mm
Width 2420 mm 1975 mm 1975 mm 2225 mm
Height 2870 mm 2800 mm 2800 mm 2947 mm
Brake System Hydraulic with ABS Hydraulic with ABS Hydraulic with ABS Hydraulic with ABS
Suspension Air Suspension Leaf Spring/ Air Suspension (optional) Leaf Spring/ Air Suspension (optional) Leaf Spring/ Air Suspension (optional)
Gross Vehicle Weight 5750 kg 4060 kg 3510 kg 5350 kg
Seating Capacity/ Load Carrying Capacity 8 passengers 7-17 passengers 7 passengers 2500 kg
Engine FM 3.2 CR FM 2.6 CR FM 2.6 CR FM 3.2 CR
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, Common Rail 4 Cylinder, Common Rail 4 Cylinder, Common Rail 4 Cylinder, Common Rail
Displacement 3.2 Litres 2.6 Litres 2.6 Litres 3.2 Litres
Max Output 115 hp @ 2800rpm 91 hp @ 2800rpm 91 hp @ 2800rpm 115 hp @ 2800rpm

Industry Potential

The Indian domestic travel market is poised to become a $48 billion industry by 2020 says a new report published by Google India along with Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Domestic tourism dominated India travel and tourism market over the years, on account of increasing number of local excursions, regional trips, national level trips, etc., and the segment is expected to maintain its dominance in the market through 2020. Additionally, leisure and recreation are anticipated to emerge as the highest revenue generating segment in India travel and tourism market during the forecast period. India is expected to welcome 9.5 million international tourist arrivals in 2017, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2017 India report.

About Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles:

Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles is the vehicle conversion unit of Pinnacle Industries Limited group. Setup in 1996 in Pithampur Madhya Pradesh; Pinnacle Industries Ltd. is India’s largest commercial vehicle, bus seating & Interiors Company. The company has delivered more than 1 million seats and counting. 7 out of 10 vans and buses in India have products from Pinnacle Industries Ltd.

Through PSV, Pinnacle Industries brings to the Indian market a systematic and engineered modification of vans for personal and commercial use. From small cosmetic changes to complete transformation inside out, the company provides 360-degree solutions to modify vehicles.

PSV positions itself as the revolution in vehicle modification with unique designs & style, ultimate comfort, fit and finish. Vehicles modified with innovative engineering, custom-fit ergonomics, as well as high-quality workmanship serve varying customers’ purpose in an extraordinary way.

Segments we serve:

Corporate: Office on Wheels, Business Vans and Executive Transportation

Personal: Motor Homes, Camper Vans and Recreational Vehicles

Display Vans: Product Display Vans, Product Demos, Shops on Wheels, Election Vans

Healthcare: Ambulances, Mobile Clinics & Labs

Food: Food Trucks

Refrigeration: Cold Storage Vans

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